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API Certificated Sucker Rod Coupling (SRC)

Tubing Coupling can be commonly utilised in cold and very hot water source, heating source, EPT protection, medicinal fuel, EPTT petroleum pipeline method etc. It has presently replaced welding fittings in most Europe nations around the world, Asia nations around the world, The usa, Australia and some other nations around the world.

Descriptions and size Kind of Therad O.D*L
Tubing Coupling

1.050 NUE 33.35*eighty.96 .23
one.050 EUE 42.16*eighty two.fifty five .38
1.315 NUE 42.16*82.fifty five .38
1.315 EUE forty eight.26*88.90 .57
1.660 NUE 52.seventeen*88.90 .fifty nine
one.660 EUE 58.88*95.25 .68
1.900 NUE 55.88*95.25 .fifty six
one.900 EUE 63.fifty*ninety eight.forty two .84
two-3/8 quot NUE 73.02*107.95 one.28
two-3/eight quot EUE seventy seven.eighty*132.82 one.55
2-seven/8 quot NUE 88.ninety*one hundred thirty.eighteen 2.34
2-7/eight quot EUE 93.seventeen*133.35 2.40
three-one/2 quot NUE 107.95*142.88 3.71
three-1/two quot EUE 114.thirty*146.05 4.ten
4 quot NUE a hundred and twenty.65*146.05 4.35
four quot EUE 127.00*152.forty 4.82
four-1/two quot NUE 132.08*one hundred fifty five.58 four.89
4-one/two quot EUE 141.thirty*158.seventy five six.05
Casing Coupling

4-1/two quot STC 127.00*158.seventy five five.23
four-1/two quot LTC 127.00*177.eighty 4.fifteen
4-1/two quot BTC 127.00*225.forty two 4.55
5 quot STC 141.thirty*a hundred sixty five.10 four.sixty six
five quot LTC 141.30*196.eighty five 5.seventy five
5 quot BTC 141.30*231.seventy eight 5.85
5-one/2 quot STC 153.67*171.forty five 5.23
5-one/two quot LTC 153.67*203.twenty six.42
five-1/two quot BTC 153.67*234.95 6.36
6-5/8 quot STC 187.seventy one*184.fifteen nine.12
six-5/8 quot LTC 187.71*222.twenty five eleven.34
6-5/eight quot BTC 187.71*244.forty eight 11.01
7 quot STC 194.46*184.fifteen 8.39
7 quot LTC 194.46*228.sixty ten.83
seven quot BTC 194.46*254.00 10.54
seven-five/eight quot STC 215.90*190.fifty 12.thirty
seven-five/eight quot LTC 215.ninety*234.95 15.sixty three
seven-5/eight quot BTC 215.ninety*263.52 15.82
8-5/8 quot STC 244.forty eight*196.85 16.23
8-five/eight quot LTC 244.48*254.00 21.sixty seven
eight-five/8 quot BTC 244.forty eight*269.88 20.86
nine-5/eight quot STC 269.88*196.85 18.03
9-five/eight quot LTC 269.88*266.70 25.forty five
nine-5/eight quot BTC 269.88*269.88 23.sixteen
10-three/4 quot STC 298.forty five*203.twenty twenty.78
10-three/four quot BTC 298.45*269.88 twenty five.74
11-3/4′ STC 323.eighty five*203.20 22.64
11-three/4′ BTC 323.eighty five*269.88 28.03
13-three/eight quot STC 365.twelve*203.twenty 25.66
thirteen-three/8 quot BTC 365.twelve*269.88 31.seventy seven
sixteen quot STC 431.eighty*228.6 34.ninety one
16 quot BTC 431.eighty*269.88 40.28
18-5/8 quot STC 508.00*228.60 51.01
eighteen-5/eight quot BTC 508.00*269.88 sixty two.sixty eight
twenty quot STC 533.40*228.six 43.42
20 quot LTC 533.4*292.ten fifty seven.04
20 quot BTC 533.forty*269.88 fifty.10

Primary merchandise:
1. pumping unit
2. Tubing pump/sucker rod pump and add-ons
3. Float collar and float shoe
four. Casing centralizer
five. Cementing plug
six. Cementing head
seven. Stage Collar
8. Casing/ Tubing coupling
nine. Drill pipe
10. Sucker rod
eleven. Air blaster

 sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier API Certificated Sucker Rod Coupling  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler